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Button Holdings Company Profile

Button Holdings was founded in 2019 by Amanda L Moyer, Robert E. Button and Edward R. Button Jr. It was founded with family in mind. The goal of Button Holdings is to invest in business and improve them with technology to provide a long-term constant return to our investors. The verticals we focus on are Energy, Energy Distribution, Technology, and Real Estate. Button Holdings possesses the vision, insight and experience necessary to identify, acquire and renew underperforming businesses. We target lower and middle market companies and invest in all levels of capital structures. We seek portfolio companies that we expect to share in the company’s success for decades to come. Button Holdings strives to be a trusted partner for any of the 33.2 million small business in the United States.


To develop a business platform that encourages sustainable capitalism for our businesses and our business partners​.


We will be the trusted partner that enables entrepreneurs to follow their passions and build sustainable commercial enterprises by accessing our shared services capabilities while focusing on the delivery of their product or service​.